Reinvent Phoenix Workshops in Midtown, Uptown and Solano are Underway! Don’t Miss your Opportunity to Participate!

By: Taz Loomans

Reinvent Phoenix is well underway and is in the process of getting community feedback on districts north of downtown, including Midtown, Uptown and the Solano district. As I mentioned a while back, Reinvent Phoenix is a planning process that is focused on creating a structure and vision for walkable transit-oriented development in Phoenix. This includes […]


The Community-Oriented Creative Center of Scottsdale is Set to Open this Summer!

By: Taz Loomans

Scottsdale, Arizona may get a lot of flak from urbanists for being too automobile-centric but downtown Scottsdale is one of the most walkable environments in all of Greater Phoenix. An exciting new adaptive reuse project at the southern gateway of downtown Scottsdale is about to make the area all the more walkable and people-friendly. The […]


10 Things in the City that Separate People and Stop Community in its Tracks

By: Taz Loomans

Last week I wrote about 21 things that build community in a city. Today I want to talk about 10 things that separate people and stop community in its tracks. But first, let’s define community. What is community? According to the Google definition, community is both a thing and a feeling. It is “a group […]


21 Ways to Build Community

By: Taz Loomans

Even if you are the world’s shyest introvert, you have to admit, humans are a social breed. We like to be around each other. Even if we don’t talk or interact with one another, it is just nice to see people and share a space with them, whether that be a public square, a bus, […]


How Can we Revitalize Urban Neighborhoods without Gentrifying Them?

By: Taz Loomans

“While you all are dining out at fancy restaurants, some of us are struggling to find a cheap meal,” says Dannette Lambert, a community organizer and resident in Oakland, California. This pretty much sums up the problem of gentrification, which is when wealthy newcomers completely transform a lower-income urban neighborhood into a yuppie or hipster […]


Social Bicycles and the Future of Bike Share: An Interview with Ryan Rzepecki

By: Jonce Walker

I bundled up and made my way from my job in lower Manhattan to Bed-Stuy Brooklyn to see the new Social Bicycles (SoBi) space and chat with its founder and CEO Ryan Rzepecki. Social Bicycles is growing by leaps and bounds and I thought it would be fun to check in with them. Full Disclosure: […]


How to Avoid Healthy Eating Pitfalls When Dining Out

By: Hayfa Aboukier

If you are anything like me, lost in the world of dietary restrictions or motivated by quality nutrition, you may find it nightmarish to even think about going out to a restaurant and what you can eat. Up until this past year, the old me would have been jumping for joy when it came to […]


Tips on How to Shop Local in Phoenix this Holiday Season

By: Hayfa Aboukier

During this lovely holiday season, when you are trying to find the perfect unique gift, supporting local might very well be the best option out there. Not only are you boosting your local economy, you are also boosting your awesomeness in the gift giving department. Many people, including myself, have varying definitions for what it […]